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New tablets are now being unveiled and launched with a dizzying pace. In the event the rate of recent tablets being introduced was a highly effective way of measuring today market, everyone might have two devices already and be shopping for a third. The feverish pace of tablets isn't an illustration from the tablet market in general, though--just an indication how the race for second place is in high gear.

Just in the past two weeks we percieve need for the HP TouchPad reach Cabbage Patch doll Black Friday levels, Lenovo quietly unveil a sub-$200 tablet, and details emerge concerning the mythic upcoming Amazon tablet.

Within less than 8 weeks, HP went from launching the TouchPad with grandiose claims of going eyeball to eyeball using the Ipad to pulling the plug about the tool and getting out of named business entirely. HP simply cannot sell these devices when priced exactly like its Apple iPad 2 rival.

Actually, despite having a cost drop to $400 few were convinced. When there was clearly a brief weekend rebate to $300 there was clearly tepid interest, but nevertheless not so impressive. But, when HP cleared out the inventory at $99 after killing today it sold them all in just hours.

So, would it be? May be the reply to named war competition to simply race to the bottom and undercut price?

In that case, it's game time! Lenovo revealed details of the IdeaPad Tablet A1 immediately. The 7-inch tablet is not the greatest or fastest tablet available, but at $199 it includes enough features and capabilities to at least produce a compelling case.

Then, there's Amazon. It is often rumored all year that Amazon is developing its own Android tablet, and lots of pundits have put their funds on Amazon as the tablet competitor finally worthy of going toe to toe using the Ipad.

Due to MG Siegler of TechCrunch, we have a firsthand account of the Kindle tablet pre-production prototype. Siegler says the 7-inch device runs a proprietary Amazon fork with the Android operating system, and it is expected to retail at $250. For all of the hype and expectations, though, this gadget sounds like it really is made to go eyeball to eyeball with all the Nook Color 2, not the ipad2.

Tablet PC

Amazon may sell 5 million of them, however am not sure it's going to dent iPad 2 sales. Those who will choose the new Ipad Android tablet probably already own an iPad. In my house there's an original iPad, and an iPad 2, plus a second-generation Kindle, plus a third-generation Kindle as the iPad as well as the Kindle are generally great devices who have some minor overlap, such as the directly take on the other person.

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